Telling the Good News of Peace Through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all!

We are a pioneer ministry in Northern California.  One of our ministries is telling the Good News of Peace through Jesus Christ.  We currently do this through social media such as Facebook and YouTube.  Our goal is to start a "brick and mortar" ministry in Trinity County, CA.  If you would like to help us make that vision a reality, click HERE to go to our Partner Page, and you can give to the ministry!


As the ministry grows we will be publishing discipleship materials to help with your practical walk with the Lord.  Daily prayer, Bible reading/study, and fellowship with other believers are necessary in order for us to grow to become the mature body of Jesus, who is the Head of the Church.


As a musician, I'll be adding more worship videos, as we acquire more musical equipment, such as a piano keyboard, microphones, a sound system, etc.  I'll also be doing teaching on the important place worship should play in our lives!

Bible Distribution

A portion of all donations will go toward getting God's Word to those without it.  We also plan to add a food ministry in the future.

USA Veterans

We have a long-term vision that includes some kind of place that veterans can get help with a place to stay, food, clothing and ministry.  Pray for us to do the impossible with God!